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Participate in the Sensorium

The Culture & Agriculture Sensorium is accepting submissions! The Sensorium is an editor-reviewed, virtual platform that highlights engagement with the senses. We are especially interested in how sensory experience helps one to understand agri-food systems and the social, cultural, environmental, and/or political contexts in which food production and consumption operate. Click here to see who "we" are!

We encourage authors to approach submissions from more of an experiential lens than a heavily theoretical one and to take advantage of this space to experiment with multiple modalities of re/presentation (e.g., photos, audio, video, in addition to ethnographic text). Authors may also want to consider submitting something to the Sensorium as a potential companion piece to our section journal, Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment. (Please note that an accepted Sensorium piece does not guarantee inclusion in CAFE and vice versa.)

Submissions of no more than 3000 words should be prepared as a Word document. Media should be prepared for web publication, with video hosted at a stable URL.

Please send any questions and/or your completed, original submission (along with a short message or cover letter) to Mark Anthony Arceño (arceno.1@osu.edu).


PS/ We are also looking for members to serve on the Sensorium’s Advisory Board. Please contact Mark Anthony Arceño for further information if you are interested in serving in this capacity!