Home Journal 2019 Volume 41, Issue 1

Volume 41, Issue 1

Transitional Moments, Mediators, and Alternative Modernities
// Megan Styles and Brandi Janssen

Research Articles
Understanding Food System Resilience in Bali, Indonesia: A Moral Economy Approach
// Thomas Reuter

“We Are Not Starving:” Challenging Genetically Modified Seeds and Development in Ghana
// Joeva Rock

Hungry, Hungry Gringos: Solving the Problems Posed by Feeding Tourists
// Lauren Miller Griffith

Cosmovisions and Farming Praxis: An Investigation of Conventional and Alternative Farmers along the Willamette River
// Melissa M. Parks and Christine Anderson Brekken

All’s Well That Ends Well: How Alabama Farmers Marketers “Last Stand” Against Modernity Was Finally Resolved
// Kathryn S. Oths, Katy M. Groves, Toni J. Copeland

Whose Sustainability? An Analysis of a Community Farming Program’s Food Justice and Environmental Sustainability Agenda
// Sarah Grace Davenport and Joanna Mishtal

Research Report
Prehistoric Aquaculture: Origins, Implications, and an Argument for Inclusion
// Jonathan Malindine