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Volume 40, Issue 1


Agriculture, Anxiety, and Amazonification: Creative Adaptation and Resistance in Risky Rural and Urban Landscapes
// Brandi Janssen and Megan Styles

Research Articles
Urban Expansion, Agrarian Shifts, and Decentralized Governance in Thailand’s Isaan Region
//Gregory Gullette, Sayamon Singto

The Advantage of Natural Farming as an Eco‐Friendly Way of Living: Practice and Discourse on the “Learners’ Fields” in Fukuoka, Japan
//Kaoru Fukuda

Agricultural Implications of Unconventional Natural Gas Development: Divergent Perceptions of Sustainable and Conventional Farmers
// Melissa N. Poulsen, Lisa Bailey‐Davis, Joseph DeWalle, Jacob Mowery, Brian S. Schwartz

Coffee Landscapes: Specialty Coffee, Terroir, and Traceability in Costa Rica
// Julia Smith

Offsetting Risk: Organic Food, Pollution, and the Transgression of Spatial Boundaries
// Giovanni Orlando

The Case for Local and Sustainable Seafood: A Georgia Example
// Jennifer Sweeney Tookes Peggy Barlett Tracy Yandle

Research Report
“It’s the Amazon World”: Small‐Scale Farmers on an Entrepreneurial Treadmill
// Emily McKee