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Volume 40, Issue 2

Special Issue: Agriculture of the Middle

This special issue of CAFE draws on regular conversations between the authors over the course of several years about the need for greater theoretical and ethnographic attention to an area of agriculture and food systems increasingly called “Agriculture of the Middle.”

Navigating the Middle Ground: Anthropological Investigations of Agricultural Practice and Scale
// Brandi Janssen and Megan Styles

Special Issue Articles – Guest Editors: Ashley Stinnett and Jennifer Jo Thompson
An Introduction: Ethnographic Accounts of “The Middle” in Anthropological Studies of (Agri)Culture
//Ashley Stinnett and Jennifer Jo Thompson

Confronting the Goldilocks Problem: Encountering “The Middle” in Anthropological Studies of Food and Agriculture
//Jennifer Jo Thompson and Ashley Stinnett

Alongside the Grain: Conceptualizing Scale and the Upper Threshold of Local in the Agro‐industrial Palouse
// Troy M. Wilson

Small Farms, Big Plans: Mechanization and Specialization as Measures of “The Middle”
// Brandi Janssen

Meeting in the Middle: Scaling‐up and Scaling‐over in Alternative Food Networks
// Lilian Brislen

Mission‐Driven Intermediaries as Anchors of the Middle Ground in the American Food System: Evidence from Warrenton, NC
// Meenu Tewari, Sophie Kelmenson, Andrew Guinn, Gabriel Cumming, Rudolph Colloredo‐Mansfeld

Special Issue Reports and Commentaries
An Extension Specialist’s Reflections from the Field: Discovering Ag of the Middle in the Shift from Direct Sale to Wholesale Vegetable Production
// Jennifer Jo Thompson and Julia Gaskin

New Inquiries into the Agri‐Cultures of the Middle
// Kathryn De Master

Book Review
Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States
// James R. Veteto