Home Journal 2016 Volume 38, Issue 1

Volume 38, Issue 1


Theories of Farmer Knowledge and Food Security
// Stephanie Paladino and Brandi Janssen

Towards a General Theory of Agricultural Knowledge Production: Environmental, Social, and Didactic Learning
// Glenn Davis Stone

Terrace Agriculture in the Mixteca Alta Region, Oaxaca, Mexico: Ethnographic and Archeological Insights on Terrace Construction and Labor Organization
// Verónica Pérez Rodríguez

Monilia (Moniliophtora roreri) and the Post‐Development of Belizean Cacao“Show Farmers”: Transformation and Performance in Telangana, India
// Erik Stanley

“The Earth Gives Us So Much”: Agroecology and Rural Women’s Leadership in Uruguay
// Beatriz Oliver

Bridging Food Scarcity: Croatian Women’s Responses to Consumer Capitalism
// Nila Ginger Hofman

Class Conscious, Color‐Blind: Examining the Dynamics of Food Access and the Justice Potential of Farmers Markets
// Katherine Lambert‐Pennington and Kathryn Hicks

Book Review
Row by Row: Talking with Kentucky Gardeners
// Reviewed by Bradley M. Jones