Home Journal 2015 Volume 37, Issue 2

Volume 37, Issue 2


Representation in Agriculture and Environment: Food Security, Conservation, and Protection
// Jeanne Simonelli and Stephanie Paladino


Public and Private Responses to Food Insecurity: Complementarity in Burkina Faso
// Colin Thor West

Growing Healthy Families: Household Production, Food Security, and Well‐Being in South Wollo, Ethiopia
// Anne M. Cafer, Mary S. Willis, Shimelis Beyene, Martha Mamo

Balancing Income, Food Security, and Sustainability in Shangri‐La: The Dilemma of Monocropping Wine Grapes in Rural China
// Brendan A. Galipeau

Neoliberal Environmentality among Elites: Becoming “Responsible Producers” in Santarém, Brazil
// Ryan Thomas Adams

Confrontations on Karst: Antibiocide Activism in the Ozarks, United States
// Brian C. Campbell

Muddying the Waters: Protection, Public Participation, and Ambiguity in the Language of Pollution in the Great Lakes
// T. S. Harvey

Research Reports and Commentary

Marshmallows for Alligators: Defining Ecotourism in Southwest Florida
// Barbara K. Jones

External Intervention, Local Environment, and Knowledge Erosion: A Forest‐Based Community of South India
// Koteswara Rao Kodirekkala