Home Journal 2015 Volume 37, Issue 1

Volume 37, Issue 1


Old Practices Chart New Waters
// Jeanne Simonelli and Stephanie Paladino


Beyond Formal Environmentalism: Eco‐Nationalism and the “Ringing Cedars” of Russia
// Veronica Davidov

Understanding Farmer Decision Making in Northern Lao PDR
// Michelle S. Roberts

Schooling and Local Knowledge for Collecting Wild Honey in South India: Balancing Multifaceted Educations?
// Kathryn Demps, Jennifer Dougherty, Jenukalla MG, Francisco Zorondo‐Rodríguez, Victoria Reyes‐García, Claude García

Research Report and Commentary

Through the Generations: Victory Gardens for Tomorrow’s Tables
// Susan L. Andreatta

Book Reviews

Been Coming Through Some Hard Times: Race, History, and Memory in Western Kentucky by Jack Glazier
// Andrea L. Rissing

Corn Meets Maize: Food Movements and Markets in Mexico by Lauren E. Baker
// Brandi Janssen