Home Journal 2014 Volume 36, Issue 2

Volume 36, Issue 2


The Civic Life of Food Production
// Jeanne Simonelli and Stephanie Paladino


Growing an Urban Oasis: A Qualitative Study of the Perceived Benefits of Community Gardening in Baltimore, Maryland
// Melissa N. Poulsen, Kristyna R. S. Hulland, Carolyn A. Gulas, Hieu Pham, Sarah L. Dalglish, Rebecca K. Wilkinson, Peter J. Winch

“They Just Say Organic Food Is Healthier”: Perceptions of Healthy Food among Supermarket Shoppers in Southwest Baltimore
// Sarah O. Rodman, Anne M. Palmer, Drew A. Zachary, Laura C. Hopkins, Pamela J. Surkan

The Native American Organic Garden: Using Service Learning as a Site of Resistance
// Donna L. Chollett

Farmers’ Participation in Civic Agriculture: The Effect of Social Embeddedness
// Giuseppina Migliore, Francesco Caracciolo, Alessia Lombardi, Giorgio Schifani, Luigi Cembalo

Organic Designs and Agrarian Practice in Uttarakhand, India
// Shaila Seshia Galvin

NERICA Upland Rice: Seeds of Change for Female‐Headed Households in Uganda?
// Johanna Bergman Lodin, Susan Paulson, Magnus Jirström

Research Report and Commentary

We Are Still Here: Tracing U.S. Agricultural Change through the Kardel Multigenerational Farm
// Abigail Kardel