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New Guest Post from Paul Durrenberger

Although the recent surge in attention to food and agriculture feels like the hot new thing, anthropology has long been on the forefront of research about how our systems of food production inform cultural practices.  In this Notes from the Field, E. Paul Durrenberger reflects on his many years examining the intersections of agriculture, labor, and social justice in the context of Brad Weiss’ new book Real Pigs:  Shifting Values in the Field of Local Pork.

The New Wild West

Our latest entry in our “Notes from the Field” series comes from James H. McDonald of Southern Utah University. His essay explores the on-going disputes over public lands in the western United States that recently came into the media spotlight during the “Bundy Standoff.”

From Pipelines to Paris: Why We Need Forests Now More than Ever

Our latest edition to the “Notes from the Field” comes from Dr. Duncan Earle, an anthropologist and the director of Global Studies at Marymount California University. Dr. Earle also serves as consultant for Jadora International, whose mission is “to mitigate climate change, preserve biodiversity, and improve livelihoods through an innovative and economically sustainable approach to forest preservation.” His essay examines the linkages between forests and climate change mitigation, specifically in the U.S.

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