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Political Ecology Society (PESO)

Every year, the Political Ecology Society (PESO) meets in conjunction with the Society for Applied Anthropology.  This arrangement enables us to receive a full set of logistical services we could never otherwise afford.  The upcoming PESO/SfAA meeting will be in Pittsburgh, March 24-28, 2015.  The deadline for session and paper submissions is Oct. 31.  The link for submission and information on the meetings is below.  Calls for collaboration can be directed to this email list, and I will send them along.

The PESO meetings constitute a exciting and stimulating scholarly community.  SfAA, the wider meeting, presents an outstanding set of activities focused on engaged, applied, and critical social sciences.  Please do think about participating in the upcoming meeting.

For people with locations or disciplinary affiliations that do not permit going to the SfAA meetings, we do encourage all kinds and sites of political ecology meetings, in keeping with the DIY and heart-felt labor of the PESO collective.

Note from J. Dwight Hines :

I wonder if you are aware of anyone looking for panelists on the topics of rural political ecology and/or the American West and/or public land administration for the upcoming SfAA/PESo meetings. Contact me at [email protected]

Good resource for climate change researcher

Journal of Ethnobiology
Published by: Society of Ethnobiology<>

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With Farms Fading and Urban Might Rising, Power Shifts in Iowa

Seeking: one additional paper to complete a two-part paper session at the 2015 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting

Session Title: Agricultural Labour and the Food Movement: Perspectives and Politics
Organizers: Charles Levkoe and Michael Ekers

Session Description:
Attention to food systems issues  has increased awareness and resistance to the dominant corporate-led industrial food system. Increasingly, people are searching for alternatives and expressing support for food that is produced locally and uses sustainable practices. Further, the amount of academic, policy and political work examining the provisioning of socially and ecologically sustainable food has emerged in response to, and indeed has contributed to, growing transnational food movements.  Research has focused on the establishment of ‘alternative food systems’ that follow agro-ecological and/or organic production methods that try to link consumers more directly (cognitively and physically) with farmers and agrarian landscapes, both urban and rural.  In the academic literature and within the food movement itself, emphasis is placed on the vitality of small-scale farms and equitable access to quality food.  Despite the attention on food, there is peculiar silence on the question of labour within the food system, whether on farms, in commercial kitchens or in non-profits. Despite some notable (and somewhat recent) exceptions, little attention has focused on the labour and workers that underpin the growing food movements.  Several questions follow: what new perspectives on food system change might emerge from a more substantive engagement with questions of labour; how are actors and institutions in the food movement negotiating the labour question; and, how might a focus on labour justice change these movements?

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40th anniversary double issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies

Free access:

– Volume 1: New Directions in Political Economy:

– Volume 2: Critical Perspectives on Food Sovereignty:

Seeking University Academic Fellowships

The University of Leeds is looking to recruit a number of University Academic Fellowships, including one in Sustainability in Food Systems (see here: ).

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WFAN Annual Conference

Women Doing Democracy: Building Grassroots Coalitions to Grow Healthy Food and Farming in Your Community is the theme of the 2014 WFAN annual conference, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14-15, at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, Fairfield, IA. Join colleagues from all across the US to network, learn and enjoy the best locally grown foods Midwest women farmers have to offer!  Rates go up Oct. 24

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Statement of the African and U.S. Food Sovereignty Summit

Statement of the Africa-U.S. Food Sovereignty Summit

On Oct 10-14, 2014 Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch invited African leaders from six nations representing regional and continent-wide networks to Seattle to meet with leaders from over a dozen US organizations as part of the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit. The aim of the Summit was to promote farmer-led solutions to hunger and climate crises, share research, develop strategies and explore ways to protect communities faced with the consequences of industrial agriculture as promoted by the Gates Foundation.

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Note from Liz Olson on SfAA student poster session:

I would like to invite anyone who has student(s) who would like to present
a poster in the topic area of Culture, Food, and Health to contact me: [email protected].  I am hoping to organize a small student poster session at the SfAAs. These posters may be presented by students, or could be posters presented by faculty members relating class-based projects.


The State of Food and Agriculture 2014

This year’s World Food Day is dedicated to Family Farming: ‘Feeding the world, caring for the earth’. To mark this date, FAO released today its flagship publication The State of Food and Agriculture 2014: Innovation in family farming.

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